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The SWAG Minisry currently Led by our Youth Pastor, Reginald Batiste and his wife Deandra, Shannon Jones and Jaylyn Pegues.

NVC's Premier Youth Ministry is one of the most exciting places to be for children in the Dickinson -League City area. d

Minister Reggie and his wife have led innovative Youth ministries for the last 15 years. They love what they do!

Our June Youth Revival attracts over 200 kids every year.

NVC Youth are on fire for God and are always thinking outside of the BOX to challenge our faith and do more creative evangelistic things for Christ!

Our kids are activated to learn how to possess a mind of faith and a heart to work for Christ's Kingdom!

During this pandemic, they meet weekly with their Youth Pastors on Zoom for bible lessons and connect with other youth their age.

We are presently developing a ministry for Young Adults ages 18-35 and are seeking help with this newest ministry in our church. Please contact our Director of Ministries [email protected] and she can help get you connected with our Youth Pastor and his leadership council. 

Video Clip of our NVC Youth Singing for the Lord. They are FIRED up and Serious about Jesus!